Tempt a taste of the stars

big sipper wine

under california skies, come california wines. 

we, guarded each night by prominent watchmen, most powerful and protective in summer climes. under a cloak of vibrant watchers we wait and grow, ‘til the moment when perfection is freed, and we yield our bounty to glass and goblet. under the big sipper, we wines become yours.

big sipper. tempt a taste of the stars.

a winery under the stars

big sipper winery

Our winery was born under a blanket of stars to bring together the power of the cosmos and create stellar, dazzling wines. We toast to these bright guardians that watch over us during our nightly harvests and twinkling endeavors. Cultivated and inspired by California skies, we shoot for the stars and our wines shine bright.

chardonnay · rosé · white · pinot noir · merlot · cabernet sauvignon · red · sangria · sweet red

Big Sipper Chardonnay Bottle Button
Big Sipper White Bottle with Button
Big Sipper Pinot Noir Bottle with Button
Big Sipper Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle with Button
Big Sipper Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle with Button
Big Sipper Red Wine Bottle
Big Sipper Sangria Bottle with Button
Big Sipper Sweet Red Wine Bottle with Button

big sippers come in various sizes and shapes

750ml, 3l bag-in-box and 1.5L

Big Sipper Bottle Sizes

750 ml · standard

the traditional star

3 qt box wine

the shooting star

1.5 l · magnum

the big bright star

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